Multi Lingual Systems


1- Asian and Indic 2-Eastern European 3-Western European 4-Middle East 5-Language learning

1: Asian Languages:

Asian Indic languages such as Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi, Sanskrit, Sinhalese, Tamil, Vietnamese and Thai are supported by LinguaWin which enables users to use standard programmes to process and mix any or all of these languages with European languages in the same file.

Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi and Sanskrit are also supported by LinguaScribe which enables the user to write in English phonetic alphabet which are then transliterated into any of these langauges.

TwinBridge helps users to process Japanese and Korean and Chinese. TransPerfect is also available for users who may like to translate between Chinese and English

2: Eastern Europe

LinguaWin is available for Eastern European languages. LinguaWin Cyrillic supports all Cyrillic based languages such as Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian and Ukrainian. As in all LinguaWin modules, the programme includes True Type fonts, keyboard layouts, keyboard manager, keyboard editor etc. There are other modules for Eastern European languages with Latin based alphabets such as Polish, Czech, SerboCroat, Bosnian etc. There are also modules for Albanian, Uzbech, and Azeri.

3: Western European languages

LinguaWin Euro enables users to have all Western European lanaguages readily available from within any Windows application. There are also programmes for Translation, language learning, spell checking

2.2 Bilingual Keyboards

Bilingual Keyboards for Russian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and SerboCroation are normally available ex-stock from £45.00 each.


Option 1.1: LinguaWin

LinguaWin is a breakthrough in language support for Windows. It allows up to 8 languages to be mixed in the same file instantaneously with more languages and keyboard layouts on standby. Any language is just a mouse click away. Click and type in the selected language. Click again to select another language and type right inside your windows application and mix as many languages as your software can take. It is as simple as that.

Each language has its own standard keyboard layout, and in many cases other alternative layouts are included as standard. However, a keyboard editor is included to enable users to change any of the layouts supplied or even create their own layout and use it alongside the ones supplied. We have bilingual keyboards for most languages but keyboard layouts can be displayed permanently while typing as shown below.

WINDOWS and World Languages

LinguaWin is available in modules that support a certain language or group of languages. Languages supported to date include Western European, Russian, Bulgarian, Belorussian, Macedonian, Ukrainian and Cyrillic based Serbian. Other modules are available for Latin-based Eastern European supporting Polish, Albanian, Czech, Serbian, Croatian, Romanian etc. . Other Western European languages modules support the Phonetic alphabet, Modern and Ancient Greek, Turkish etc. African modules include Amharic, Nubian and Coptic etc. Extra optional modules can easily be added to the first module purchased at any time. Each module comes complete with True Type fonts.

LinguaWin Modules and Prices

Each module costs £99.00 including True Type fonts, keyboard chooser and keyboard editor. Each extra module bought at the same time costs £45.00. All 5 Indic languages of Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati and Sanskrit in one module cost £199.00 LinguaWin Euro includes all Western European languages with latin based alphabets. LinguaWin Cyrillic includes cyrillic based languages such as Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Serbian. LinguaWin EE supports all Eastern European langauges with latin based alphabets

LinguaWin Bengali

LinguaWin Hindi

LinguaWin Punjabi

LinguaWin Gujarati

LinguaWin Sanskrit

LinguaWin Thai

LinguaWin Vietnamese

LinguaWin Sinhalese

LinguaWin Tamil

LinguaWin Euro

LinguaWin Greek

LinguaWin Turkish

LinguaWin Phonetic

LinguaWin Cyrillic

LinguaWin EE

LinguaWin Albanian

LinguaWin Uzbech

LinguaWin Azeri

Other languages and language combinations are constantly added please contact us if you do not find your language in our list.

Each module includes scaleable True Type fonts

Option 1.2: LinguaScribe

In addition to LinguaWin which supports Asian languages, users who have difficulties with Asian alphabets or Asian keyboards may opt for LinguaScribe. LinguaScribe is an exciting innovation in the processing the foreign languages. Non-Latin alphabets or writing systems have always posed a challenge for users and programmers because of their larger repertoire of characters, shapes and diacritics that have to be mapped on keyboards that were never designed to handle them. Their mappings are often crammed, cryptic, irrational and not user-friendly. LinguaScribe™ changes all that. It requires only a simple phonetic representation of the text. Thus " namaste " (Hindi for hello or good day) is typed as said in Latin characters and, with one key press, LinguaScribe transliterates the Latin characters to the required script which can be: ‹Hindi Gujarati ‹Punjabi or Bengali. LinguaScribe files can be saved as native LinguaScribe files or as RTF files which can be exported to other programs such as Word Perfect or Word for Windows. Files can also be pasted directly into these applications. LinguaScribe comes in various modules: 1-StandardLinguaScribe supports Hindi, Sanskrit and Phonetic£100.00 2- Standard LinguaScribe Plus Gujarati, or Punjabi, or Bengali is £120.00 each. 3- LinguaScribe de Luxe ( with all six languages) is £185.00

Option 1.3: Universal Word Asian Version

Universal Word the Asian Version is a standard word processor that supports English plus Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi, and Sanskrit. It is ideal for casual users who do not need the sophistication of Word for Windows with LinguaWin. Universal Word for Asian languages is priced at £200.00

Option 1.4: TwinBridge for Japanese or Chinese

TwinBridge is available for Japanese or Chinese. It enables the user to enter these two languages in any Windows application. It works under the standard English or European versions of MS Windows as well as the localised versions. The two systems allow the alphabets to be entered using any of the popular input methods. Both support Unicode DOS, Windows 3.x or Windows 95 as well as True Type scaleable fonts. The programmes support both horizontal and vertical phrasing. The programmes also include useful conversion utilities, font and keyboard manipulation methods and dictionaries.

TwinBridge Japanese Partner Pro (CD), 4 outline & 11 True Type fonts.£299.00 Japanese Partner v.4 with 4 True Type fonts £199.40

Chinese Partner with 6 outline fonts £159.00

extra True Type font pack £79.00

Option 1.5: English-Chinese dictionary

This dictionary is bi-directional and runs in TwinBridge Chinese or Chinese Windows. It is capable of finding exact or partial matches. It provides review and print functions. £49.00

Option 1.6: Chinese or Japanese True Type fonts

Add on True Type fonts for TwinBridge systems or localised versions.£79.00

Option 1.7: Chinese Translation

Please refer to TransPerfect English to Chinese in the Translation Section for a description of this programme.

Option 1.8: Learning Japanese

Please refer to language learning section for Japanese learning programmes.

2.3: MS National versions for Russian

For users who prefer to work in Russian environment we can offer Microsoft's own Russian version of Windows and Office at very competitive prices. Microsoft Office Russian version includes all proofing tools as well as Russian menus and help.

MS Windows 3.11 Russian £120.00 MS Office 4.3 Russian £470.00

For National versions of MS products for Arabic see under MiddleEast

2.4 Spell Checkers

2.4.1 Propis Spelling Checker

Propis can check spelling and hyphenate in Russian texts as well as bilingual Russian English texts right inside MS Windows application. Continuous checking of keyboard input. Checking and soft hyphenating ready documents passing them to Propis` via text files or via clipboard. A valuable add-on to LinguaWin. £125.00

2..4.2 Orfo Spelling Checker

A Russian Spell checker that contains 240,000 word stems and allows you to add even more. Orfo has a number of interesting add ons such as Orfo grammar checker, Orfo thesaurus and Orfo hyphenation program. In that sense Orfo can be enhanced to create a complete proofing suite. Orfo spellchecker £125.00 Orfo grammar checker add on £85.00.Orfo Thesaurus add on £45.00

2.6 STYLUS for Russian Translation

Stylus is a windows based translation program from English into Russian and vice versa. Stylus version 2 can work in MS Windows 3.x or MS Windows 95. The dictionaries are user modifiable and can also be arranged hierarchically. Subject specific dictionaries are available from £85.00. The program is compatible with LinguaWin and supports Word for Windows, RTF, and Write formats. Accuracy level can be 90% depending on subject. Users can make their own dictionaries. Translation speed can reach 1 page per second that is about 700,000 words per hour. Price £355.00 plus VAT.

Dictionaries available are Business, Computing, Electrotechnical, Automobile, and Geography. These are all bi-directional and are priced at £95.00each. Aerospace bi-directional is £250.00 Oil/ Gas and Medicine E/R only at £135.00 each.System requirements: IBM PC or compatible, Windows 3.1 or above, 8 MB FREE HARD DISK, 4 MB RAM and a Cyrillic driver for windows e.g. LinguaWin

Section 3: Western Europe


LinguaWin Euro is only £85.00 and supports all Western European languages with Latin based alphabets. (See pages 2 - 4 for a full description of LinguaWin)

3.2 Multilingual Word Processors

3.2.1-Universal Word

For users who prefer to use one application for their multilingual needs We offer either Universal Word or Accent, word processors. These 2 programmes support up to 30 European languages. Universal Word for cut down version for Western European version is priced at £150.00


Accent Express is an entry level version priced at £69.00 and supports over 30 languages.

Internet with an Accent 3.5" or CD is priced at £99.00 and lets you browse, publish, and send e-mail in over 30 languages.

Accent Professional 2.0 CD or 3.5" is feature-packed multilingual word processor priced at £295.00 and supports over 30 languages.

MS Word Proofing Kit

An important add on for users of more than one European language inside Word for Windows. These proofing tools include a Thesaurus, a Spell checker and a hyphenation utility all in one. These kits available for French, German, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Catalan, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish or Swedish. Regardless of what language version of Windows or Word you have youcan now enjoy the benefits of the Foreign language version while using your own version. Each at £75.00

3.4 European Keyboards

Keyboards are available for most Western European languages such French, Spanish, German, Swiss, Italian. £45.00 each.

Section 4: Arabic Farsi Urdu Or Hebrew

We offer the best solutions for these languages.

4.1-MS Windows products

Windows 3.1 Arabic/English or Arabic/French £99.00 Farsi/English£110.00

MS Windows for Work groups 3.11 Arabic £165.00 MSOffice 4.3 Professional Arabic £695.00

Windows 95 with Arabic full product 3.5" £235.00upgrade 3.5" or CD £125.00

Word7, Excel7, or Access7 with Arabic support full product £300.00each. Upgrade for these products £165.00 each.

MS Arabic Office 7 standard 3.5" or CD £500.00Upgrade 3.5" £300.00

MS Arabic Office7 Professional full product CD £570.00 upgrade3.5" £320.00

4.2-Adobe PageMaker 5.5 ME for Arabic Windows 3.1 £695.00

4.3-Quark Express 4 Arabic DTP £995.00

4.4-CorelDraw 6 for Arabic Windows 95 £295.00

4.5-Arabian Themes

Enriches Windows 95 with stunning images, animations, animated screensavers, background wall paper, dynamic prayer time calculator in over 400 cities and an ancient Egyptian game all at the special price of £39.00

4.6-Universal Word

Supporting Arabic, Farsi Urdu or Hebrew on the Standard European version of Windows 3.x, or Windows 95 English or Arabic versions £150.00.

4.7-Alif Ba Ta for ARABIC

Alif ba Ta with Yaseen is designed to help beginners learn to read and writeArabic. The User-friendly interface makes the program usable by adults and children alike. Written on-line help is provided for native English and French speakers, and oral on-line help is available for native Arabic speakers. The program teaches reading of letters and words and tackles the variable shapes of the letters. Students can record their own reading and compare it with native speakers. Writing is tackled in both naskh and ruq'a so as to bridge the gap between hand writing and printed material. With CD ROM technology words and letters can be listened to as many times as required which tackles effectively the oral and aural aspects of learning languages.

4.8-ABC WITH KC is a new multimedia computer program in the English Quest series to help children learn basic English language skills and have fun at the same time. Gives children a head start in school and helps them to develop the ability to read, write , recognise and associate words with images. Children of all ages will love the innovative mix of animation, music and sound effects. Children can also record their own voice and compare it with KC

4.9- At Home with Casey with Arabic or European languages supportis an English course for beginners which combines fun with learning the basic vocabulary around the home. Available on CD for PC WINDOWS and Macintosh.

4.10-The Holy Quran

We are pleased to stock THE HOLY QURAN on CD with 30 hours of Quranic recitation, 604 highly decorative descriptive QURAN pages and more than 5000 pages of translation in six languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Persian and Turkish) £49.00

11-Hoda's Holy Quran Treasury

Dictionary of words and subjects of Holy Quran. Along with complete recitation. £95.00

4.12-Arabic/English or Arabic/French Translation

At long last translation programmes are available for Arabic and at reasonable prices

*English or French into Arabic £POA

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